More Thought Leadership

Here are some thought leadership pieces across the entire Group. Feel free to download and share leading research and insight.

  • Sustainability Operations Playbook

    • Office: Wunderman
    • Category: Sustainability
    • By appointing Sustainability Stewards, Wunderman engages its employees on a global scale to drive initiatives in local offices. Collaborating with WWF and Oberlin College, this document provides tips on running a sustainable office.
  • Leadership for A Sustainable World

    • Office: BAV
    • Category: Consumer Trends
    • These slides were presented at the Sustainable Brands London 2013 Conference where Chip Walker, EVP Director of Brand Planning & Innovation at Y&R New York and BAV Consulting spoke on the global shift towards feminine values.
  • Governance+Sustainability

    • Office: Hill+Knowlton
    • Category: Communications
    • The Governance+Sustainability practice helps clients understand public expectations around governance and sustainability commitments and how to communicate these commitments to gain a reputational advantage.
  • Appetite for Change: Study & Panel Insights

    • Office: Kantar UK
    • Category: Nutrition
    • In two decades, levels of obesity in the UK have grown from one in seven to one in four adults. Experts predict that by 2050, more than half of all adults will be obese. Download the study, insights, and infographics below.