Seeds of Truth

Truth Coffee, a popular roaster in Cape Town, was looking for a way to differentiate themselves as being a brand that stands for something. With the help of VML, Truth Coffee wanted to challenge these existing ‘truths’ by offsetting the carbon footprint and making the coffee cup disappear.

By making the traditional protector ring out of paper containing herb seeds, the VML team turned the disposable coffee cup into a pot – and the start of a basil, rocket or thyme herb garden.

The team also redesigned the cup using beautiful illustrations inspired by the idea itself – creating something people would want to keep and giving the cup a life beyond its original purpose while adding freshness and flavour to any city kitchen.

More importantly, because the cup is biodegradable, it can be planted in the ground and made to disappear forever - leaving behind a living, breathing, greener reminder of how a little bit of truth, can make a world of difference.

The idea spread across popular blogs, magazines and social networks. The initiative was also featured on a few popular TV shows including the Espresso Show on SABC 2. The innovative campaign not only created awareness for Truth Coffee, but also differentiated them as being a brand that stands for something.