Missing Persons Pre-Roll

There are more than 1,600 missing person cold cases in Australia. Each year and during Missing Persons’ Week, the Australian Federal Police reach out to the public for help. This year the AFP reached out to VML to find a new, innovative way to contact people who may have information on missing people.

Together with YouTube, VML was able to convert a pre-roll of YouTube videos into a series of 50 geo-targeted missing persons ads for individuals last seen in a viewer’s area. YouTube allowed VML to transform the "Skip" button into two separate buttons. "No I Haven't" skipped the pre-roll as usual, and "Yes I Have" a user to a site to share information with the Australian Federal Police. The pre-roll companion banner then gave viewers another chance to see missing individuals in case skipped the pre-roll.

The idea came from developing a skeuomorphism of the classic milk carton idea. VML realized that expanding the user behavior to encourage positive use of the skip button could create a super-efficient media model.

More than 1.2 million participated and helped find 238 missing people using "Yes I Have Clicks." Data gleaned provided insight on cold cases while leading to more efficient use of police resources.

Awards Include: Cannes 2014 Bronze Lion, SXSW Interactive Activism Award, AIMIA Best Government Digital Campaign, AIMIA Best Marketing or Advertising, One Show Merit, Award Awards Digital Direct Response and for Online Ad.