Linesman for Peace

Soccer fans’ passion for the sport can sometimes spill out into violence. That’s why the São Paulo Soccer Federation (FPF) turned to Wunderman to promote peace through a campaign called Linesmen for Peace, which calls for calm among fans during the São Paulo State Championship.

The Campeonato Paulista, or Paulistão, is one of Brazil’s largest tournaments, with legendary teams all vying for supremacy. Tempers can flare on the field and off. The FPF has linesmen replace their traditional yellow and red flags with white flags. The message is simple: There is no offside for peace.

“Whenever the linesmen get involved in the game, either because someone is offside, a throw in, or a corner kick, the fans will remember that for peace there is no offside,” says Marco Polo Del Nero, FPF president.

The initiative includes the site and a web film, as well as posts on FPF social networks to stimulate fan engagement in the cause by posting messages on the signs and banners at the games.

“We believe in the simplicity and novelty of the idea. There is no greater universal peace symbol than a white flag. And it will draw the fans’ attention because it's the first time that linesmen have given up their customary yellow and red flags,” adds Paulo Sanna, creative VP at Wunderman. The Sigi Awards judges couldn't agree more when they give Linesmen for Peace a winners nod in the Outdoor and Breakthrough categories.