Joint Prayers: 10 Meters Apart

The Balkans are a region plagued by wars; and in such conditions, where Christians and Muslims live close, but as far away as possible - launching a campaign for the reintroduction of ethnic tolerance and understanding was almost a task doomed from the beginning.

But extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and that is why the campaign we produced was as unique as it was direct. The aim was to bring back the two religions that coexisted on the same piece of earth for centuries back together, to show that it can be done, and set an example that everything is possible if we let go of the prejudices that are set upon us.

By organizing the first ever joint prayer by Christians and Muslims, we showed that tolerance is giving to every other human being the right that you claim for yourself.

The campaign relied on a single channel, and the one that is still the most effective in the region: the TV medium. A single TV commercial showing the filming of the joint prayer was aired frequently, soon gathering a lot of attention and quickly transferring across the digital channels, where it also received enormous viewing numbers.

Upon launch, due to its unusual and somewhat controversial content and message, the campaign quickly became the main discussion topic in the relevant media. An initiative has been raised in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia to recognize the day on which the first joint prayer happened as a National Day of Prayer, which should occur annually as incitement to reintroduce and reaffirm ethnic tolerance and peace in the country.

Awards won for this campaign include: Titanium Lion at the Cannes Lions, Grand Prix in the categories Events, Radio, New and Innovative and Brand Grand Prix at the Golden Drum Festival, Gold in Integrated at Eurobest.